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Slit Coil Packaging Line

Coil splitting is the process by which a master coil is cut or slit into a series of smaller coils. At Itipack, we offer a range of slit coil packaging machines that work with steel and aluminum coils in various gauges. You can find a customized machine with multiple strap placement options to suit your company's needs.



The following are a few of the Slit Coil Options that we offer: 


This machine straps coils on the circumference with the axis perpendicular to the coil run. The strapping head is top-mounted and suitable for 19, 25, and 32 mm steel straps. The machine also features two inclined lances that allow the strap to be applied through the coil transport cradle. 


These machine strap coils through the eye are arranged for the automatic coil centre positioning and have an arch rotation of up to 260 degrees. 


This strapping machine allows two coils to be alternatively strapped in circumferential with the axis parallel to the coil travel. The strapping head is suitable for a 32 mm wide steel strap and is housed on a carriage that moves between two packing lines. 


This automatic machine strap coils circumferentially with the axis perpendicular to the coil run. This double-head machine holds one steel strap and one polyester strap, allowing the operator to switch back and forth between the two. 


Designed for strapping hot coils of up to 800 degrees C, this machine coils circumferentially with the axis perpendicular to coil travel. This machine features a moveable lance for positioning the strap inside the coil transport cradle. The strapping head is suitable for a 32 mm steel strap. 


This machine works with hot coils of up to 800 degrees C. The automatic coil centre positioning unit and strap guide open to allow coil evacuation.  


Designed for strapping ingots with a 19-25-32 mm PET strap, this machine features a strapping head that welds the strap using friction and applying a maximum tension of up to 800kg. Because this machine uses a polyester strap rather than steel, there is no risk of starching or leaving rust on the surface of the ingots. 


This ingot strapping machine works with a 19 mm steel strap and provides a strap joint assured against the release in both directions. The moveable lance allows for the introduction of the strap under the package. 


This machine straps slit coils through the eye with a minimum flat surface of 70 mm. The strapping head joins the 16 mm steel strap with a single spot weld of argon gas. The moveable lance allows for introducing a strap through the coil eye. 


This machine straps slit coils through the eye and features three sealing heads that apply straps simultaneously. 


This strapping machine is designed to strap wire reels. The steel strapping head joins the strap with an argon gas spot weld, and the moveable lance allows for the introduction of the strap through the reel eye. This machine has head options for both polyester and steel straps. 


Designed to work with hot or cold wire reels, this machine can be used with a strapping head that uses a welding or notching sealing system. A device for placing a metal label on the steel strap can also be integrated into the machine. 


This travelling version of an automatic strapping machine is used to strap metal packs. This strapping machine has a device to automatically apply corner protectors on the pack edges, a bottom device to apply bottom wooden battens, and a pre-selection on straps. 


This automatic machine uses two argon gas spot welds for strapping metal sheet packs. This system offers high joint efficiency of over 90% and does not scratch the products. 


This two-machine system is made for strapping bundles of tubes. The straps are joined by a notches system that assures against release in both directions. 


This machine is made for strapping aluminum billets bundles of up to 12 m in length. It applies wooden battens and up to five straps that are sealed with spot welds. This machine can maintain a high production level even when applying the maximum number of straps. 


This automatic strapping machine uses a 19-25-32 mm PET strap to strap different tube bundles. 




Which slit coil packaging solution is right for you?

At Itipack, our technicians can help you choose from any of the above slit coil strapping machines or help you to customize a solution that works best for your business. Contact us today to get started with the slit coil strapping systems quote.


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