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Custom Pup Coil Strapping Machines by Itipack Systems

In the world of industrial manufacturing and distribution, the packaging of products is an essential aspect that significantly impacts efficiency, safety, and overall operations. Itipack Systems stands at the forefront regarding custom-engineered pup coil strapping machines. We provide cutting-edge solutions that redefine how hot and cold coils are handled, packaged, and transported. So, what makes Itipack pup coil systems so different from others? Let’s look at some unique features of our pup coil strapping machines, crafted from steel and aluminum, that set them apart in the market.


The Power of Custom Pup Coil Strapping Machines


Custom pup coil handling equipment is a critical bridge between production and recycling, ensuring the leftover coils are securely packaged for transit. Itipack Systems has established itself as a pioneering force in this niche, offering solutions tailored to the specific needs of industries dealing with metal coil processing. The advantages of adopting such equipment are multifold and resonate deeply with manufacturers and suppliers worldwide.


Benefits of Custom Pup Coil Handling Equipment:

Enhanced Safety

Optical Sensor - Collision Detection Technology

The primary concern in any industrial setting is the safety of workers and the integrity of products. Itipack Systems' custom pup coil strapping machines excel in this aspect by incorporating features like collision detection. The head collision detection technology prevents impacts with incorrectly clocked pup coils, reducing the risk of accidents and damage during packaging.


Customization based on Specific Setup

One of the standout features of Itipack Systems' pup coil strapping machinery is the ability to tailor the packaging process to match the unique requirements of different applications. This is achieved through custom machine movements that allow for complete customization. The strapping machine is engineered by taking into account all existing devices in the production line like hold-down devices and coil cars, which will interfere with the strapping operation. Such versatility streamlines operations and ensures that each coil is packaged optimally.


Efficiency Through Machine Positioning

Itipack Systems' pup coil handling equipment can be positioned in various configurations, including online, offline, maintenance position, and online indexing. This adaptability enhances workflow efficiency by accommodating different production layouts and minimizing downtime during maintenance.


Optimal Coil Orientation

The orientation of coils within packaging significantly influences the stability and safety of the coil during transit. With Itipack Systems' equipment, coils can be strapped eye parallel or perpendicular to travel, ensuring they are securely positioned for the process ahead. Itipack’s custom Pup Coil Strapping Machines seamlessly integrate into manufacturers' current production setups with minimal adaptation, preserving operational flow and enhancing strapping efficiency. 


Unique Features of Itipack Systems' Pup Coil Strapping Machines:

Materials Built to Last

Itipack System's custom-engineered pup coil strapping machine

Itipack Systems takes pride in crafting its pup coil handling equipment from robust steel and lightweight aluminum. This combination ensures durability while maintaining a manageable weight for easy installation and operation. High-quality materials speak to the company's commitment to providing long-lasting solutions.


Hot and Cold Coil Strapping


Itipack Systems' machines exhibit an exceptional capability to strap hot and cold coils. This adaptability is a testament to the company's engineering skillfulness, enabling industries to maintain the packaging process without interruptions, regardless of the coil temperature.


Choice of Strapping Head

Two models of strapping heads, designed for different applications

Depending on specific applications, these pup coil strapping machines can be equipped with either steel or plastic strapping heads. This level of customization empowers industries to choose the strapping head that aligns with their product characteristics and operational preferences, contributing to efficient and reliable packaging.


Packaging Dimension Versatility 

Itipack’s pup coil strapping systems are engineered to offer unparalleled versatility in accommodating a wide range of package sizes.

The comprehensive range of our equipment's capabilities allows for the secure strapping of varying dimensions without compromising safety or efficiency. Whether it's accommodating smaller or larger package widths, or adapting to different coil circumferences, our systems are designed to handle these variations effortlessly.


Custom Engineered Equipment


The landscape of industrial packaging is evolving rapidly, with customized solutions becoming the cornerstone of seamless operations. Itipack Systems is at the helm of this evolution, providing custom-engineered pup coil handling equipment that caters to industries dealing with individual needs of hot and cold coils. The fusion of enhanced safety features, versatile customization options, and durable materials sets Itipack Systems apart as a market leader. As manufacturers and suppliers continue to seek optimized packaging solutions, Itipack Systems remains a reliable partner in ensuring the secure transit of materials, redefining industry standards one coil at a time.

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