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Long Steel Products Banding Solutions

When it comes to strapping long steel products such as aluminum and steel bars and tubes, you’ve got several options to consider for your strapping machine. At Itipack, we offer both standard strapping machines for long products and custom machines to ensure that we can always meet your business's unique needs. 

All of our machines are powered using heavy-duty hydraulics and electric drives, and there are several sizes and features to choose from. 

29-minlong products strapping systems

Package Sizes

Depending on the products you are strapping and your specific application, you may require a strapping machine that makes bundles of certain dimensions. At Itipack, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution, so our machines can offer various package sizes ranging from:

  • 4.8'+ width
  • 4'+ length
  • 6-50' height

Our strapping machines come with several unique features, including:

  • Hot and cold steel products
  • Ability to place multiple straps
  • Ability to work in tandem with other strapping machines
  • Various positioning options

Single or dual strapping heads with various placement options.

Standard strapping machines for long steel products



At Itipack, we have a variety of standard strapping machines that you can choose from for your long steel products, including the following models:


Designed for strapping metal sheet packs, this travelling strapping machine features a device that applies steel corner protectors on pack edges and wood battens. 


This automatic strapping machine is used for metal sheet packs and features a welding steel strapping head which uses argon gas. This machine is an excellent option to ensure you are not scratching the product's surface. 


This strapping system is designed for long steel tube products and uses a notches system to join the strap. 


This machine straps aluminum billets and bundles up to 12m. Wooden battens are applied automatically by the machine, sealing up to five straps with spot welds. This machine is an excellent option when high productivity levels need to be maintained. 


This vertical machine uses a PET strap to bundle various types of tubes. 

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Custom strapping machine solutions for long steel products

If you can’t get what you are looking for in one of our standard strapping machines, we also offer custom solutions so you can get exactly what you need. Give us a call to discuss your requirements, and our team of engineers and manufacturers can produce the machine you need to help you stay productive. 

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