Automated Strapping Systems Safety

Automated Strapping Machines Safety Features

Automated strapping machines provide companies with several benefits, including increasing productivity, minimizing damage during shipping, and reducing costs. In addition, these strapping systems can even help improve workplace safety as they can reduce worker fatigue which can lead to injury. They are also less physically demanding than manual strapping, which means less risk of back strain.

Automated strapping machines do come with their risks, however, which is why Itipack’s strapping systems have several built-in safety features.

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

With HMI screens, your team can operate Itipack strapping machines from multiple locations, right next to the machine or at the line control station. In addition, we take pride in offering the most advanced HMI screens, giving you access to more controls, walk-throughs, and information than ever before.


Regular maintenance on all your operations machines is an essential part of the safety of your plant. Automatic strapping machines that are well-maintained are safer to use.

At Itipack, we simplify the maintenance process for your operators and maintenance staff by incorporating built-in diagnostic features, including full machine and Strapping Head diagnostics. Our HMI systems also include alarms to inform you when an issue has been detected or when regular maintenance is due.


At Itipack, our commissioning services provide optional training sessions for your operators and maintenance team. This helps to ensure that all those working with the equipment are confident and know how to operate it safely.


They say that knowledge is power, and that is certainly true when it comes to safety training. So, in addition to providing you with manuals, we offer ongoing and comprehensive training on all of our machines for as long as you have them.

Our training will help ensure that your team knows all the safety procedures to operate our strapping machines. These procedures include learning about the recommended personal safety equipment, correctly determining safe loads, and using safety mechanisms such as emergency stops.  


We will develop an integration plan to allow you to integrate your strapping system with your existing tools, equipment, and safety procedures.

Head Removal

Each of our strapping machines is designed and built with safety in mind. Our Strapping Head removal is one example of this.

parts tool for strapping system

Download the "Itipack Strapping Systems Safety Guide" to be aware of what services we offer:

Strapping Systems Safety Features Guide


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Incorporating a strapping machine into your operations can improve plant safety – and at Itipack, we take that safety to the next level through our technology and the services we offer. If you are looking for a custom or pre-built strapping machine with various safety features and added customer service, we are here to help. Contact us today to discuss your automated strapping machines requirements.


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