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The Benefits of Wood Strapping Systems

Itipack Systems provide top-of-the-line machinery for strapping and shipping wood products. Whether you are working with wood panels, dimensional products or types of engineered wood products. Itipack Systems understand that you require equipment that you can rely on; that’s why their machines are built to last and carry the load.


What is Wood Product Strapping Systems?


wood strapping systems


A wood product strapping machine uses strap material around the wood or panel to improve containment strength and secure the pallet. Automated wood product strapping has been known to deliver maximum packaging reliability in a relatively simple-to-operate and easy-to-use machine. Itipack's custom-built designs and innovative features enable faster cycle times while ensuring consistent packaging performance.

Itipack Systems builds custom strapping machines for all wood products that meet the specific needs of your business.


What are the Benefits?


wood productswood strapping systems


The benefits of incorporating a wood strapping machine into your company are unmatched. It is reliable, safe, quick, and efficient, ensuring that your shipments arrive on time, perfectly intact, with no added stress. Whether it’s a custom fit, custom solution, or a standard machine, Itipack strapping systems are always dependable. Here’s why:


1. Seamless Preparation for Transport

Wood strapping machines are used to secure the wood or panel, utilizing them for sale. The strapping machines use a bundling method for larger pieces of wood, ensuring they stay tightly strapped together during transportation. With strong strapping materials, these pallets hold together seamlessly, ensuring smooth, easy transport.

 On top of ensuring that the wood pallets or panels are correctly strapped together, the tension straps must remain consistent across all bundles. Employees using manual methods find this process difficult as it’s nearly impossible to achieve the same consistency as an automated wood strapping system.


2. Wood Strapping Machines Prevent Transportation Damages

One of the most important factors in shipping large supplies of wood is how it’s contained. Wood strapping systems provide that added support without running the risk of damaging the products. Strapping features tightly secure your wood to the pallets, lowering the risk of spillage or collapsing while in transportation.

In conjunction with corner boards, the straps can also secure additional boxes in and around the pallet to add a uniform containment around the load, preventing the shipment from moving out of place and ultimately avoiding damaging or losing the shipment.


3. It’s Reliable

Since the strapping machines are automated, they can prepare the strapping material to accommodate variable-size loads, ensuring accuracy and shortening the cycle time. Itipack’s machines are highly intuitive, user-friendly, and easily diagnose service-related issues. Ultimately, this means your production time increases, making your sales.

 With Itipack Systems’ automated features, the settings are custom-designed to ensure ideal automation based on your business needs. It’s designed to run without an operator managing each load and can move through wood pallets quickly, ensuring each strap is securely fastened before preparing for transport.



Now that you have had the chance to read about the benefits of wood product strapping, it’s time to create a plan! Adopting a strapping system puts your business one step ahead of the rest.

Itipack Systems begins with a consultation process that helps assess your needs. Next, they work with you to design and build the appropriate equipment that is suited to you and your workspace.

If your company works with wood products, Itipack Systems is your go-to manufacturer that can build a strapping machine completely customized to match your company’s needs.

Contact Itipack today to arrange a consultation regarding an automated strapping system for your wood product.

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