how an automated strapping machine improves efficiency

How an automated strapping machine improves efficiency

When you manage a plant, you realize how important it is to be as efficient as possible to compete in today’s market. One area where you may find such efficiencies is during the packing and shipping processes. Using an automated strapping machine in these processes is an excellent step toward making them more efficient.

The following are a few ways that an automated strapping machine can help your operations become more efficient:

An automated strapping machine is a faster solution. An automated strapping machine is considerably faster than a manual or handheld strapping tool. If you need to strap your product to pallets before you ship it – or if you need to fasten them together, these machines take much less time than other options. Because packing for shipment becomes faster, you can increase how many products you move through your plant.

1. Reduce fatigue and improve worker safety. 

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Adopting an automated strapping machine takes a considerable workload off your employees and, in turn, can help to reduce worker fatigue. When workers get tired, they slow down, are more likely to make mistakes, and are more likely to become injured.

By helping to reduce worker fatigue, everyone can give their best. And fewer worker injuries mean less absenteeism which is better for your business.

2. Free employees up for other tasks. 
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Another advantage of using an automated strapping machine is that it allows more time for your employees to work on other tasks that they might not have had time for before. So in a way, these machines provide double efficiency by not only doing packing and shipping more efficiently but also making other areas of the plant more efficient since employees can spend more time there.


3. Reduce mistakes.

If you have products that need to be packed in a certain manner, automating this process can make your plant more efficient by reducing or eliminating potentially costly mistakes.

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4. Get a custom solution for your needs. 

Some operations will be just fine working with a prefabricated strapping machine. But if your plant has unique needs, you may better have a machine customized for your plant. By working with a manufacturer like Itipack, you can get a custom machine to help you optimize the efficiency of your business.

5. Reduce damage and waste. 

Another reason to consider getting an automated strapping machine is that it will help prevent damage during shipping. This will lead to fewer customer returns and less business loss. You’ll also have to use fewer packing materials, which is more cost-effective for your company and better for the planet.

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If you are considering ways to make your plant more efficient, then adopting an automated strapping machine may be the next step forward for your company. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact us today.

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