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Selecting the right strapping machine for your application



Purchasing an industrial strapping machine can go a long way toward making your business more efficient and optimizing your workflow. These machines can be especially valuable in businesses that engage in storage and shipping. Whether they are used to strap cases of products or to secure goods onto pallets, these machines can lead to increased safety and security, improved safety, and better shipping.

But if you are new to working with strapping machines, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your application. Until you begin searching for a strapping machine for your company, you may be unaware of how many options to choose from.

To start your search, you should consider how much automation you need or want for your application and the type of "strap" that you'll need. You'll also have to consider the products and loads that your company works with – not to mention your budget.  


Here are a few things to consider when selecting your strapping machine



Industrial strapping machines are available in a wide variety of styles ranging from battery-powered handheld models to the portable pallet and tabletop versions, to the larger arch machines. Arch and tabletop strapping machines may be automated or semi-automated.

If you have a very large workflow in your company, the automated versions of these machines can prove very valuable in increasing efficiency. Automated machines will perform better in terms of how many straps per minute they can apply, but they are also going to require a higher investment upfront.

Portable pallet models have wheels and are useful for applications where you may have to move the machine around from place to place. These models are more heavy-duty than the manual handheld options.

Handheld manual strapping machines and strap tensioners come in at the lowest cost and are the easiest to move around your workspace. These have a wide range of uses but will not give you the speed and efficiency provided by the other options.



When you select a strapping machine for your business, you will need to know what kind of strap you'll be using. This will depend on several factors, including your load weight and type, the level of automation, shipping conditions, etc and so forth. The most common strap options are polypropylene, polyester, and steel.

  • Polypropylene - best suited for short-term use, this option is rust-resistant, easy to use, and inexpensive.
  • Polyester – durable polyester may be used for long-term storage. It can withstand moisture, high temperatures, and impact during shipping.
  • Steel – the strongest of all options, steel is suitable for the heaviest of loads and stands up to sharp edges on materials and products.

Get help selecting your strapping machine!

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