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How to Choose the Right Strapping Machine Manufacturer? [Free Guide]

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If you are considering a new strapping machine manufacturer, you may be eyeing a partner closer to your location or have a customized and personalized approach that can be crucial regarding collaboration. Choosing the right partner is a key to your business success. Having the right equipment, support, and service can help improve efficiency, and productivity, reduce downtime, and so much more. Before deciding which Canadian strapping machine manufacturer to choose, consider the following options.

Services and Support

One of the first questions is how much support and what service any Canadian manufacturer can provide to you and your team. You hope to receive better service by working with trustworthy steel machine manufacturers in Canada that could be closer locally rather than someone in Europe or another country.

Itipack is home to the best service technicians in the business. They are multi-disciplined in their profession, whether it is pneumatics, Hydraulics, electrical or ladder logic; they are top-tier service technicians that do not leave until the customer is satisfied. In-person communication is used in the office to walk customers through parts and service requests. With that comes technicians, in-house and on-site, allowing for in-person or remote walk-throughs/troubleshooting. Integrity and commitment are some of our core values, and they constantly shine through in how we approach every customer, job, or service request. Following each job through until completion, Itipack employees exceed expectations each time around.

Value Vs Price

It is essential to always keep in mind value if you compare Canadian automatic strapping machine manufacturers. Some managers are concerned about the price which leads them to the less expensive options. However, the value that your partner can provide is crucial, and training and support are vital elements. You can see the quality of materials and machines, technologies, as well as the manufacturer solutions work.

Our skilled service technicians are highly trained and reliable, able to expedite jobs in an efficient manner. We are strategically located in major travel hubs for quick and responsive service. With 80+ years of combined experience on our shoulders, we can quickly and effectively troubleshoot problems and get the product running again. Itipack is more than a fix-it company—we are looking to partner with customers, helping them educate and train their employees to be more self-reliant while always being open to support when needed.


An innovative manufacturer is also a forward-thinking one. So you can make sure to buy not only excellent strapping solution equipment but also a machine designed to help you work smarter. Then, when you need to replace your current technology and machine, you know you always have access to the latest innovative solutions.

Equally essential to innovation is knowing your customer and their needs. Here at Itipack, we find there are two types of customers. Some are content with traditional technology uses, while others are eager to innovate and plan for the future. We like to consider the latter as a partner in technology. Together we can collaborate and design systems, ensuring the customer’s future-proofing their business. Future-proofing uses various technologies, like Ewon gateway technologies, advanced SEW servo motors, and other IIOT devices that allow us to measure the total overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Customized Options

Itipack will go where others won’t—especially regarding custom engineered solutions for tight spaces or unique applications. Regardless of the site, brownfield or greenfield, the customer and our applications department drive the project. We strive to understand your concerns and work with you to build a complete solution that addresses every issue at hand.


A Brand You Trust

The final factor that you should consider when choosing a Canadian Strapping machine manufacturer is brand. Some strapping manufacturers have been in business for more than ten years and many workers in the industry have come to trust their products. 

Itipack plays a significant role in custom strapping equipment, using their 60 years of experience to excel in this area. Our focus is the success of the strapping machine and the overall effectiveness of the equipment we provide, not the consumables and how much you use. 

If you are still thinking about which Canadian Strapping manufacturer is the right fit for your needs, it's time to get in touch with one of the most trusted names in strapping solutions providers. 



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