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Strapping Machine Preventative Maintenance Services [free guide]

At Itipack, we design and sell strapping machines that are low maintenance and help increase your business's efficiency. Nevertheless, like all the equipment you might use, regular maintenance can help to maximize the life of your strapping machine and minimize downtime. 

For that reason, we are also proud to offer a comprehensive suite of preventative maintenance services. We work closely with our clients to develop and implement a maintenance plan and schedule that works for them and supports their business. This helps to ensure that our clients can put themselves in the best position to remain optimal, efficient, and profitable. 

What we offer

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Our preventative maintenance services include the following features: 

  • Comprehensive parts inventory
    We know how frustrating it can be when you need a simple part, but it is back-ordered from the supplier. For this reason, we carry a large variety of spare parts on hand so that we can serve you quickly and help to minimize your downtime.
  • Strapping head repair/rebuild programs
    If you require a head rebuild or repair, we are here to help and can typically have the job completed in 7-10 working days. While you are waiting, be sure to take advantage of our loaner/rental strapping head program if required. 
  • Strapping equipment audits/service
    Regular equipment audits help ensure you know what kind of maintenance is required to keep your business operating at optimal efficiency. Furthermore, it allows you to stay informed of any optional upgrades you may wish to leverage for your company. 
  • Equipment training and strapping head training
    Ensure your personnel has the training they need, whether they are new to the job or wish to take the training as a refresher course. 
  • Strapping head-equipment retrofit services
    Our expert team of engineers, equipment designers, and project managers are able to provide complete retrofitting services for all of your strapping equipment, and we offer a full line of strapping equipment components. 
  • Annual preventative maintenance programs
    Our preventative maintenance programs are tailor-made based on the needs of our clients. 

Our Process for designing our preventative maintenance programs

In designing and implementing a maintenance schedule that works for each client, we follow a specific process to determine the needs of our clients. This varies slightly depending on whether we are designing a service schedule for our standard strapping machines or for our mill-specific machines. The process for each is outlined below.

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Preventative Maintenance Service & Support – Component Outline:

  • Equipment Improvements/Upgrades-Options
  • Equipment Spare Parts & Strapping Head Spare Part Requirements
  • Machine SPARE-WEAR Parts
  • Strapping Head SPARE Parts
  • Strapping Head WEAR Parts
  • Equipment Components – Spares & Options
  • Strapping Head/Component Spare Parts
  • Equipment & Strapping Head Training Requirements
  • Strapping Head Rebuild Service – Option
  • Service Visit Frequency Requirements
  • 30-60-90 Day Post Installation/Commissioning Service (if applicable)
  • Quarterly/Semi-Annual/Annual Service

 Mill-Specific Preventative Maintenance Service & Support – Implementation Outline:

  • Step 1: Equipment Audit & Evaluation Service
  • Step 2a: Proposal - Equipment Upgrade Options
  • Step 2b: Proposal - Annual PM Service & Support Plan
    • Outline of Specific Annual PM Plan – Components & Training/Support
      Note: includes an outline of recommended service frequency associated with components and training required and/or recommended for consideration.
  • Step 3: Implementation - Annual PM Service & Support Plan 
    • Implementation of Program – based on approved and/or refined program proposal
      Note: Comprehensive service reports will be provided after each service visit, including training service reports as required.

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